Friends, I am going to tell you inside today’s article. 5 such mistakes in website or blog design that always happen to people often. If you do not know. Which 5 mistakes are that today’s article is only for you because inside today’s article, I will tell you to step by step in the whole detail so that you also understand and you can share it among your friends.

Even after designing the best, there is a lot of deficiency in it, which we are not even aware of. There is some mistake in a blog design that readers do not like at all and due to that your readers can skip reading the blog, so if you are also making such a mistake, then you can find out from the design mistake mentioned here.

5 Big Mistakes Happening on Websites Or Blogs.

So let me tell you lastly that if you know about the 5 Mistakes to be done in website and blog design, then you are going to benefit immensely.

1. Hard to read the main font.

Visitor sub always likes easily read font and the best font is simple tyani arial to read. Your font style may look better on your blog. You might like But it is not necessary that users will also like him. Georgia, Arial, Tahoma Verdana is the best font. Most bloggers and website owners use this font.

By the way, whatever font-weight you use, it should be easy to read clear because readability is the most important. Also, the font mobile version of your site should also show correctly.

2. Lay blank in the middle of the paragraph.

Like whitespace can be very bad for you even if you have too much free space in the middle of the paragraph. subheading end paragraphs To make your site content good, you should not give more than 10px to 20px white space between the content line and paragraph.

3. Funky in the title and heading fonts.

Having fun with the headlines can be very bad. Many bloggers change the post title and heading font to make the site design good. Let me tell you that the title and heading content is like a backbone. If the user cannot read your heading correctly. Or if they do not like it, they can avoid your site, so never use the unusual font in site heading.

4. By not using whitespace.

Not using good whitespace for heading, subheading, numeric quotes in content can also be the biggest problem in blog design and few people get attention about it. All content looks the same without good whitespace.

Heading subheading paragraphs and other material should look different in the Site content and it is important to have a very good space in between.

5. Using long paragraphs in content.

Avoid using too long paragraphs in content and use only 5 to 6 sentences in a paragraph. The user has a problem in reading long paragraphs longer than 5 to 7 lines. The biggest problem is easy to read long paragraphs on the desktop. Butt gets many times longer on mobile screens, which makes readers feel boring.

5 biggest mistake in website or blog design, about which I have told you step by step in the whole detail. You must have understood.

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