Friends, today I am going to talk that if you are not getting traffic from search engines, then you are making these 5 mistakes, which you should not do these 5 mistakes. if you want to know. This could be the reason for not getting traffic from the search engine, then read this article carefully because inside this article I will give you 5 reasons. If you want to know, let’s start.

Blogging is not easy. A lot of things have to be kept in mind in this. Only then you can become successful in blogging. Blogging is the most important. If there is no traffic on your blog, then there is nothing and the search engine is an easy and free way to get traffic.

5 reasons why search engines are not traffic.

After venturing into blogging, many people focus on writing posts directly and do not focus on Blog SEO. Actually, such people think themselves smart and they think that they can do everything alone, but this is totally wrong.

Do not create sitemaps.

Search engines can easily index your site. Creating a sitemap is very important for this. By the way, the search engine indexes your site anyway. But in the site map, the entire data of your site is short. I mean that all the posts in your blog are listed in the sitemap of the links on the page, which is not a problem in indexing the search engine.

Your site doesn’t index.

If your blog or website is not submitted by all search engines then you will not get much traffic. Some people think that my site is shown in the search results. What is the need to submit it again? Submitting the website from search engines increases the search ranking of your site and your site is indexed fast, which gives you more traffic.

If you want to get hi traffic on your site, then submit Google Bingo Yahoo from all search engines now.

Not writing good content?

If you want to see your blog in high ranking, then one of your posts should have 2000 to 3000 words. But if you cannot use so much word in every post, then make a plan that never uses less than 1000 words in a post. Otherwise, you will get no traffic from search engines. So you always keep this in mind.

Not using the keyboard.

It is often more than the blogger that the new blogger does not even know what the word is and how they are used in the blog. Because of this, they do not get much traffic from search engines.

Which word on the Internet is so famous? Which keyword is searched the most on the Internet. If you write a post keeping in mind the most keywords, then you will get more traffic from search engines.

By not using the optimized image.

By optimizing the photos we add to the blog, we can also improve the search ranking of our blog. In the post image, you have to add the name and description of the image in which the search engine knows why this image has been added in this post.

Use only those images in the post which will be necessary. Using extra photos without necessary, in contrast, the search engine gets less traffic.

So, because of making all this mistake, the search engine cannot get more traffic. If you rectify this mistake then you will get more and more traffic.

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