Friends, I am going to talk about today’s article. 5 things that should never be searched on Google. If you want to know which 5 things, then read this article carefully and read it to the last because inside this article I will tell you to step by step in the whole detail so that you also understand and share it among your friends. (searched on google.)

Never should search these 5 things in Google.

Never search these 5 things in Google at all and never because if you search these 5 things then you can get those 5 things in trouble.

Do not search for your location.

If you search for information related to your location in Google, then it can prove very harmful for you. Google or a hacker can steal your address name, age, and other information. The password can be leaked. Google can use it anytime. Meaning your privacy is threatened.

Do not search for criminal activities.

Searching infoformation related to criminal activities in Google can be very wrong. If you search for information related to criminal things in Google, then you can be in big trouble. Searching Google related to criminal activities can also catch your police. Therefore, never search to inform the formation of related address criminal activities in Google.

Never search for email and address.

Whatever you search on Google, Google keeps track of it all. So never type your email address or Gmail ID password in Google. This may cause your email account to be hacked. The password may be leaked and your Gmail ID may be misused. So do not search for email and address in Google.

Do not search for unsafe.

Whenever you do unsafe searching on Google, Google shows you related advertisements. With this, your ads will start coming to them. If this is really happening to you, then understand that your activity is being monitored. If you do not want to be mocked for your safety and you do not see the advertisement addressed in your search, then you should stop doing unsafe searching in Google.

Do not search for medical information.

When you search the medicine-related information in Google, this data is transferred to the third party, after checking it, you are shown advertisements related to the same disease. Now the problem is that medical information is also given to criminal websites and you do not even know when you have joined the criminal site, so it can become a problem for you.

NOTE: If you search medicine name or info then some websites are government legal bounded, so there you can find right medicine.`

So I have told you that you should never search these 5 such things in Google. If you search, then you may have a lot of trouble, then you always keep in mind my point.

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