Friends, today I am going to tell you some things, with the help of which you will probably get very beneficial because there are many people who use Facebook but share anything on Facebook, but it is not so. I will tell you 10 things that you should never share on Facebook. if you want to know. (5 Thing Not Share On Facebook.)

What is that 5, then read this article carefully and read it to the last because inside the article I will tell you 5 things in every detail so that you too can understand and you can share it with your friends.

5 things you should never share on Facebook.

There are some things that we should not share on Facebook. If you want to know what is that, then follow the steps given below.

1. And do not share the whole birthday.

Some people share their true birth date with their friends to celebrate a birthday and like more. But do not do this because through your birthday the thief can steal your important details. Understand this is a part of your personal details with which your complete birth information can be tracked.

2. Never share the home address.

When we create an account on Facebook, we also add our home address with it. But we should not share the address of that house. In the house where we are at present, keep in mind that by sharing the correct home address, you are calling the thieves themselves because 10 out of 100 people can be bad. If 5 out of those 10 people can malfunction in your house.

3. Do not share the message using the wrong word.

I have seen comment messages on Facebook of many people who use the wrong word in them. Many people abuse each other in the comments. By doing this, they do not harm him. Against whom he uses bad things but rather spoils his own tongue. Also, the Facebook team can also suspend his account if found out.

4. Going to hang out Do not share this thing.

If you have got a break from work and you are going to leave home or go for your vacation, then do not make the mistake of saying on Facebook that we are going to hang out somewhere. Somewhere it can harm you.

5. Do not share your personal mobile number.

Do not share your personal or home number with people on Facebook. If your number is found with a wrong person, then he can find the location of your number. There are many tools available on the Internet to do this. So do not share your home or your personal number on Facebook.

5 things that should not be shared on Facebook, about which I have given you complete information, I hope so. You must have understood.

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