Friends, inside today’s article, I will tell you that if you have a Google account and your Google account is not secure, then today’s article is just for you because within today’s article I will tell you 5 tips and tricks, which will help you Google Can keep the account secure. (Secure Google ccount.)

If you want to know what are the 5 tips and tricks, then read this article carefully and read it all the way, then only then you will be able to understand. (Secure Google ccount.)

How to secure Google Gmail account?

1. Recovery of the setup account.

  • If you ever forget the password and user name of your Google account, then your account will be hacked, so in order to gain access to your account, a recovery number or email address is required.
  • For this, set the recovery number and recovery email id in addition to the number in your Google account beforehand.
  • So follow the steps given below for that.
  • Go to Google account settings and click on Sign in and security.
  • Go to the account recovery option under the security page.
  • Set recovery, email, and phone number in it.
  • Now Google will redirect you to the recovery home page and ask you to confirm the password. Confirm your Gmail password and set a recovery phone number and alternative email account.

2. Always use strong passwords.

Many people use simple passwords for their online accounts. Such a hacker can easily hack the password.

This is why accounts get hacked. If you want to keep your account secure, always use a strong password.

I would advise you to always use a strong password for your Google and all other accounts.

3. Enable two-step verification.

You can add more security to your Google account by enabling two-step verification in the Google Gmail account.

Meaning whenever you sign in, the OTP password text message verification will come on your phone number.

Only after confirming it, you will be able to access your Google account.

It will benefit you that when an unknown person tries to gain access to your computer by logging into your account, they will have to complete extra steps and you will get the message of OTP to confirm code. (Secure Google ccount.)

so that you can understand easily. That someone is trying to access your account.

Therefore, you should enable 2 step verification right now. With this, your account can be protected.

4. Application-Specific Password.

There is a difference between accessing a Google account on a mobile app and a computer. Can create different specific passwords for the device and the app.

Like you use different passwords for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Make, Window, Phone, Windows, Computer.

With this, you will not have to bother using regular and strong passwords repeatedly to access your regular Google account.

For this, go to Google Account Settings and click on Sign in Security Password and Sign-in method and click on App Password.

Now select the device for which you have to set a password by clicking on the select device, and set the app password.

5. Set HTTPS.

Most of the time we do not pay attention to HTTP and HTTPS in the browser while using Google account. This can cause anything with our account. HTTPS is more secure than HTTP, so it would be better to use it.

To enable HTTPS in your Google account, go to the website and follow the step below.

  • Click the gear icon on the right and up and go to Settings?
  • Now enable Always use HTTPS option in the General tab.
  • Click Save and change and save the setting.
  • Whenever you open a Gmail account, keep in mind that the Gmail account is being opened with HTTPS. Meaning must be followed by HTTP.
  • You can save the URL // in your computer browser so that typing HTTPS cannot be read every time you open Gmail.

So in this way you can keep your Google account safe, about which I have told you, I hope. You must have understood.

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