What work does Delivery Boy do?

Delivery Boy is called those people who reach the package customer of Amazon or any other company. These people have to deliver the package from Amazon’s warehouse to the customer’s home.

Amazon has about 18 centers in Delhi. There are centers of Amazon in other cities where all packages are delivered according to the address written in them. These packages have to be delivered about 10 – 15 kilometers from the Amazon center.

Amazon has to deliver from 7 am to 8 pm but Delivery Boy does not have to work all day. He has his share packages come in his locality.

What do you need to have to become a Delivery Boy?

You are a school pass or a college pass, but to become a delivery boy, you must have a certificate. You should also have a bike or scooter for delivery, which should have insurance coverage, RC and driving license. Also, the people of Amazon explain to you in detail about delivery.

You will not have any uniform in this job. You can also work as a delivery boy in domestic clothing. And this job is not permanent. You can leave this job whenever you want or you can also be fired after seeing your bad work.

To become a delivery boy, you have to apply?

You can go to Amazon’s site on their website https: / / logistics. amazon. You can apply for the job by typing in / apply now. Or you can apply for a job by visiting any center of Amazon. To register online, you have to register by your own email. Then you fill the complete form properly. Also read their Terms of Service.

How much money do you get in amazon?

In this, you get a salary every month. People working on delivery at Amazon get around 12 to 15 thousand Salary. And the cost of petrol is yours. On delivery of around one package, you get 10 to 15 rupees per package. If you work for a month and deliver 100 packages daily, then you can easily earn Rs 60000 a month.

I have given you complete information about how to become an Amazon delivery boy.

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