Best Live Camera Streaming App. Do you want the best choice for your home video surveillance without any cost? You want to be able to keep your eyes on your house when you out of your house. You want to monitor your baby, your pet care and your elder’s care, etc without any expense. And you receive an alert in case of any incident. Then what are you waiting to keep reading the post till the end?

Do exactly whatever is explaining in the post without missing any step. If you miss any step you won’t be able to understand and use this properly at your home so don’t miss anything read carefully.

In this, you will know about the AtHome Video Streamer Application and AtHome Camera Phone monitor. Which is very helpful for keeping your house under Camera Surveillance.

AtHome Video Streamer – turn phone into IP Camera and AtHome Camera – phone as a remote monitor.

AtHome Video Streamer application and AtHome Camera phone application are the best and very useful application which has special features that help you to live video stream for your home safely.

Some Special Features of AtHome Video Streamer Application and AtHome Camera phone monitor.

  • You can view up 4 Cameras from multiple streamers on a single display simultaneously.
  • Also, You can communicate with people and pets using the mic and speaker.
  • You can remote monitoring using any network like 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi from any time and anywhere.
  • You can use night vision mode to get much clear and enhance your video and images in low light.
  • All your videos are protecting using Highly Secure Cloud Service. And watch your videos in the cloud directly.
  • All the videos are encrypting in the cloud.
  • You can control remotely your IP camera in all the directions (left, right, up and down) to capture the whole room.
  • The connection of your phone and the video streaming camera or phone is encrypting.
  • All the recording of 24 hr will be summarized into the short video of a few minutes which helps you to know about what is happening in 24 hr very faster and easier.
  • This App is running in Mobile, PC, and smart TV.

Note:- Before using this app you have to make the pair of your device. One device is using for streaming videos and the second device is using for monitoring videos. You have to download the AtHome Video Streamer(AVS) app in those devices from you want to stream your video and download the AtHome Camera Phone (ACP) app in those devices form which you want to monitor your video.

How to use the Application?

Firstly, open both applications in both devices (mobile, TV, PC). After the open of the application ask for permission. You have to grant all the permission to the application like camera access, microphone, location, etc. Now time to connect that device together. On the monitor device, you will get an option to add your streamer and the streamer device you will get an option to generate QR code.

You press the both add your streamer and generate the QR code button. After the pressing of the button, QR code is generating in a streamer device and the scan option is enabling in the monitor device. Now, scan the QR code.

After the scanning of the QR code, your device is connecting together. Finally, you can stream and monitor your house, baby, pet, elder, etc but make sure your device is connected with cellular data or over the WiFi.

And one more thing also make sure electricity is connecting with your device like a charger or anything else. If everything is the same as explained then enjoy your camera surveillance if not then do the same.

How to use the best live camera streaming app?

To use this application you have to download the app first. Now, how to download the AVS app and ACP app. You have to go to the end of the post. At the end of the post, you will find the download button then press that button for the download. After the download of The AVS app and ACP app are install in your device.

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First app for the older phones that you install in old phone where you place this app.

[appbox googleplay com.ichano.athome.avs]

Second app for the new phones that you install in a new phone where you place this app.

[appbox googleplay ]



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