Friends, in today’s article, I am going to talk about how bloggers should add category widgets to their blog because there are many people who do not know. If you do not even know, then today’s article is just for you because inside today’s article, I will tell you to step by step in full detail so that you also understand and you can share it among your friends. (Category Widget in Blog)

How to add category widget to Blog?


  • First, go to and log in.
  • Now click on layout.
  • Now where you have to add the category widget. Click on add a widget there.
  • Now a popup window will open, click on the link list.


Now another new popup window will open in front of you.

  • Then you type the categories.
  • Let the inbox be empty.
  • Here you have to set whether your categories are ABC or automatic.
  • Leave this box empty.
  • Add the URL of your blog’s tag or level here.
  • Then you can add as many category URLs as you want?
  • And then type the URL and click on the add link.
  • Which category do you want to add?
  • After the full set is done, click on save.


Now the option of categories will appear in your blog.

How to add a category widget to Blog. I have given you complete information about it, I hope so. You must have understood.

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