Friends, inside today’s article, I will tell you how you can create a website on WordPress. I will give you complete information about it because there are many people who know how to create a website on WordPress. There is no information about it, so I thought that within today’s article, I should tell you to step by step in full detail so that you too can understand and you too can create your own website on WordPress.

Because blogging is moving very fast. The simple reason for this is that everyone wants to share their thoughts in the world. Some people start an online business to earn money and some people to become famous.

What is needed to create a WordPress blog?

First of all, you have 2 options to create a WordPress blog.

  1. Start a WordPress Blog on Self-hosting.
  2. Start a free WordPress Blog.

Blogs can be created for free on and you will have to install WordPress software with blog hosting and domineering. I would advise you to make a self-hosted blog as you do not get full features on the free blog.

  1. Start a WordPress Blog on Self-hosting.
  • You have 3 options to make a blog by hosting.
  • There should be a domine for the blog such as
  • Your attention so that you can concentrate completely on developing the blog.

Web hosting account where your blog can live on the Internet.?

If you have these 3 things then you can start a WordPress blog in the next 10 to 30 minutes right now. The total time that this process will take depends on your experience.

2. Start a free WordPress Blog.

You do not need any hosting or domination to create a WordPress free blog. You can start a free blog by just site up on

How to create a WordPress blog?

WordPress is a very good platform for WordPress blogging because on this platform you can fully customize the blog.

Register domain name.

You will need a domain name for your site. This is the address of your site. And users type in the browser link bar and visit your site.

If you want, you can also take Domina from the company from which you will buy hosting. You will get a free domain with posting from Bluehost India and Godaddy website.

Buy good web hosting.

For hosting you must have some knowledge about first hosting so that you can choose a better hosting plan for yourself. In the beginning, you can take share hosting only when your blog gets 10 to 20k, then you can upgrade the plan. Or take VPS Server and Dedicated server?

But they cost a lot. So in the beginning you can take a shared hosting or business plan which will get you only around ₹ 500.

Install WordPress On Self Hosting.

First login to cPanel. The company from which you will buy hosting. She provides you cPanel and can open cPanel by placing cPanel after your domain.

Now search by typing the WordPress in the left side search box. Scroll down to it and click on the WordPress option in the software apps installer or website section.

Now you have to fill the basic settings on the page which will open.

First, click on the blue color install button on the left side top.

Choose Domain: Select the domain on which to install WordPress.

Choose protocol: Set the domine by the type you want to open the blog. Remember that if you have an SSL certificate, then set the HTTPS security URL.

Site Name: You should add your blog name.

In Directory: You have to install the blog on main domino so leave it blank.

Site Description: Write a 5 to 6-word line about Blogs.

  • Admin Account Settings.
  • Select the URL for the blog.
  • Set the password to login to the blog.
  • Add an email address for the blog on which you will manage the blog.

I have given you complete information about how to create a website on WordPress, I hope so. You must have understood.

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