Friends, you must have heard about Instagram and there are many people who also use Instagram. Instagram is a very popular platform that a lot of people use and share their photo videos on it and also a lot of work that they do on Instagram. A lot of people are also famous on Instagram. (Delete Instagram Post)

So there are also many people who use Instagram, create their accounts, but they do not know how to delete photo videos. People are very upset about this. He is very tense, but now he does not need to be tensed as I will tell you inside this article how you can delete your Instagram photo or video. So, if you want to know, then read this article carefully and get to the last because in this article I will tell you to step by step in full detail from a very easy method. (Delete Instagram Post)

How to delete Instagram photo video?

How to delete Instagram photo video
How to delete Instagram photo video

First of all, you open your Instagram and login, then visit the profile.

Now open the photo or video you want to delete. As soon as you open, you will see it on the top right side. 3dot you click on that 3dot.

After clicking on the 3 dots, an option will appear. You click delete from it. After clicking delete, the option you will get is just to click delete. Your photo or video will be deleted.

If you have deleted the photo, then your photo has been deleted and if you have deleted the video. Then your video has been deleted, then in the same way you can delete your photo video which I can give you the very easy method I told you, I hope so You must have understood. If you get it, then you should also share it with your friends. If they do not know, they will know.

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