A newspaper is such a thing that we get information about the world that is happening in the country – the world. And many people get news from it and read newspapers daily. But due to lack of time in today’s runaway life, it has become difficult to read newspapers completely. But today’s era has gone completely digital, we get news of the news online. We can also read newspapers on our mobiles. It also saves our time and we can get news anywhere anytime. So today we talk newspaper download about this.

How to download a newspaper?

  • To take a newspaper on a friend’s mobile, you have to download its PDF.
  • To download the news by downloading the newspaper in PDF, you have to go to the newspaper website.
  • From where you can download newspapers. And can read it. So for this, first you have to go to its website India press. Then you have to select the language of the newspaper, in which language you want to read the newspaper, you will see the option of a Language Newspaper on the left side, select your language from it.
  • After selecting the language, you now have to select the newspaper. The list of all types of newspapers will appear in the same language that you have selected.
  • Then click on the newspaper you want.
  • After clicking on the newspaper, a new page will open in front of you. Which is the website of that newspaper? And in which the headlines of the news are given. Then you will see the option of Menu and click on it. You get the menu option in all newspapers.
  • In this, click on the option of Epaper. Then all the pages of the newspaper will appear in front of you. You can see the front page. And by left-right, you can see all the pages and can also zoom in.
  • To download the newspaper you have to click on the PDF option. By clicking on PDF your newspaper will start downloading in PDF. In this way, you can download and read the newspaper on your mobile.

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