Friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you that there are many people who use Twitter and you will also use Twitter, but your Twitter account will not be secure. And what you need to do to keep it secure. 2 Step Verification

You do not need to do anything. All you have to do is to enable 2 step verification. If you enable 2 step verification, then your Twitter account will be secure and you can never lose your Twitter account, then you want to know.

How to enable 2 step verification, so today’s article is just for you because inside today’s article, I will tell you about two-step verification in full detail so that you too can understand and share it among your friends.

What is 2 step verification?

This account provides an extra layer to secure regular login to your account app. It can also be called two-factor authentication.

Nowadays there is always a danger on the privacy of the user on the internet and social networking site. Now one step verification is considered insufficient for the online safety of the user.

Previously, you used to enter the password to login to your account, then if it was detected by a hacker, then he could hack your account.

But now two-step verification is being used on a large scale which makes your account secure.

If you have updated the two-step verification feature, with the help of this, no one can log in on your social media email, website and app, and many other accounts. Even if he does not know your password?

How to enable 2 step verification in twitter account?

So let me tell you how you can enable two-step verification of your account on twitter?

  • So first of all you go to site and open your twitter account.
  • Open a Twitter account and click on Profile Pic.
  • Now click on Settings and Privacy.
  • Click on setup login verification.
  • Click on the Start button in the next open window.
  • In the next window, you have to enter the password of Twitter for verification. Then click on the Verify button.
  • Now add the phone number.
  • Click on Send Code.
  • Write the code on the mobile in the box.
  • Now you click submit.
  • Now your two-step verification is enabled. Along with the message of congrats, you will have the option of gate backup. Click on it.

How to enable two-step verification in a twitter account. I have told you about it, so today, enable 2 step verification, this will give you a lot of benefits.

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