How to hide privacy in torch app

Do You want to secure your personal Photo, Video, Audio, and your important Document? And you want that nobody can access your these all thing, only you can access these. And you also want that where you secure these things it also the secure. Then what are you waiting for? Read the post till the end and do exactly whatever is explaining in this post.

In this post, you will know about the very secure Application Hidden Torch. This application is very secure to secure your all the personal and very important things.

Hidden Torch.

Hidden Torch is a very Secure app that has a more interesting feature that helps you to secure your personal Photo, Video, Audio, and Document.

Some special Features of the Hidden Torch.

  • You can use the Password lock system.
  • And You can also use the Fingerprint lock system.
  • You can use the security question lock.
  • Next, You can hide the Location of your Photo, Video, Audio, and Document.

How can you use the Hidden Torch Application?

Firstly, you have to download the Hidden Torch application. Now, How can you download this app. simply, go till the end of the post and you will find a download button. Then press the download button. The application is downloaded. After the download of the app all, you have to do that open the application. After open the app there is a text (TORCH) hold that text a few seconds.

The app asks you for permission of your Camera, Storage and etc to secure your personal thing. You have to grant all the permission. It takes some permission a popup option is displayed on your phone to set the password. After given the password you have to re-enter your password then you have to choose a security question and give the answer according to the question.

After giving the answer your security is set and an interface is a show where you found some options like Images, Videos, Notes, and Audio.

These all option is for secure your personal things. And you also found a setting option for set fingerprint lock, change your password, security question, etc. and you also found two more options which are one for Share the application and second for Rate the application. And also you use this app for your Flash Light. Now you enjoy the application and secure your personal data.

Thanks for reading the post till the end.

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