Friends, the Internet is the most used in today’s time. Through this, we also get the facility of mobile banking and internet banking. You can also use the banking services sitting at home through technology. Every kind of service is being used on the phone today and through this, all the work has become so easy today that we do not need to go out for any work. We do all the work on our mobiles. One of these services is service. USSD bank using which you can also do phone banks in which you get lots of facilities. Money transfer.

What is USSD Code?

The full form of USSD is Unstructured Supplementary service data. It is a mobile service, it can also be used without the internet. This service is also being used for mobile banking. With the USSD code, you can use the bank account balance to transfer money from the bank account and all the benefits of the bank.

You can use USSD for banking only when your mobile number is linked to your bank account. All telecom companies have their own separate USSD codes. Neither telephone nor internet is required to avail of this service. All USSD codes have a symbol * at the beginning * and last. Different USSD codes have been created at different facilities. Now * 99 # is used for banking convenience.

How to do banking with USSD code?

You can use USSD code for a lot of conveniences. To use this service, you must have a mobile number linked to the bank account. Dial Star * 99 # in your mobile (NUUP) Message will come from National Unified USSD Paytm on the screen of your mobile, then OK.

Now type the short name of your bank. On the mobile screen, there will be an option for mini statement balance check and fund transfer, out of which you can select the option that you want to check.

How to send money with USSD code?

To transfer money with USSD code, you must have a mobile number linked to the bank account and the MMID or MPIN of the bank account. If you have both these services then you can transfer money. Put * 99 # on your mobile. You have to dial the USSD code from the same number mobile number which is linked to your account.

A message will be sent as soon as you dial the code, but you have to send a short name of your bank and send it. As soon as the bank’s short name is entered, you will get 5 options, now you select the option 3 Send Money using MMID and send it. If you want to transfer money through IFSC, then send and send 4.

And after sending an option, after which you will get another message, you will ask about the fund transfer and you will get 3 options, if you have selected your MMID, then send 1 and send it. And if you have selected IFSC, then send it by writing 4.

Now you have to give the details of the beneficiary and send that person’s account by writing the IFSC code and the amount. After this, you will be asked about MPIN, enter the last 4 digits of your MPIN and your account and send it. If you have selected MMID from Steps 3 and 4, then you have to enter your MMID.

Now your transfer is complete, you get a confirmation s.m.s. If found, you can transfer money with the USSD code in this way.

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