Friends, there are many people who in today’s world must have used compulsory Facebook. But if he uses Facebook, he does not know whether I have a Facebook Hack or not? If your Facebook gets hacked. You will have to follow this article carefully, then you will understand that your How to prevent facebook hack


After phishing, the hacker uses most keylogger tools, the keylogger is a software that saves the typed words from your keyboard to your server. If a hacker puts keylogger software on your mobile or computer and heightens it. The hacker will not take minutes to hack your account and will steal all your personal details from your system.

The hacker reinstalled software keylogger keeps a close watch on the keyboard of your computer or mobile. And the hacker keeps the full information of any word you type, and the hacker of this type may also be behind your necker. You also know who has hacked your account because someone can install the software of your computer keylogger, then it can be in your circle only.

Beware of phishing.

Before hackers attack your Facebook account, they design a page that is similar to the Same Facebook but not Facebook. As we say phishing, if you send a link in your Facebook Messenger box before hitting your Facebook account. If you follow that link then you will visit a fack page and you will feel that You are on Facebook. You will be asked to log in on the same page, which will be absolutely fake if you log in on that page. Your user and your password will be hacked.

To protect yourself from hackers, do not click any link that has come in your message box and at the time of Facebook usage, check-in the URL of Facebook before WWW whether https is coming there or not if there HTTP So let’s understand this is a fack page and https then you secure it on Website.

Even if you open such a link by mistake. You do not enter your login details at any login place there and you also update the web browser to the latest version. Because the browser recognizes the phishing scam and blocks them.

How to avoid Keylogger?

In order to be safe from hacking Keylogger. You should not allow anyone to use your mobile or computer. if anyone uses it. ANd you must check in your system or mobile whether any software has been installed in it and your Make sure to change your Facebook password from time to time and use paid antivirus in your own computer and scan it.

Personal information is shared online.

Regarding your personal life, do not share any information on social sites like Aadhar card, password ID, etc. If your account cannot be hacked because Facebook users mostly passport is password in common words like someone’s name or mobile number. Whom hackers can hack your account in a little time.

How do most people create passwords? In which the name of the member can be the name or mobile number of any member or the date of birth of someone? Someone can also have a roll number. So hackers find out information about you before hacking your account and then creak your Facebook account password. Which can cause your Facebook account to be hacked?

Therefore, if you ever create a password, then make the most out of it, which no one knows what is your password? Strong becomes a password that no one can hack. And you should not share your personal details of any kind online, by doing so, you can keep your Facebook account safe from being hacked.

Note: So I told you how you can How to prevent facebook hack? If you have given full information about it, then I hope that you have liked the article. If you like it, share it like Facebook Twitter, etc.



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