I’m gonna talk today guys. About Instagram, you must have heard about it and many people will also use Instagram. A lot of people share photo videos on their Instagram and also a lot of work that is done on Instagram. And there are many people who also make money from Instagram. If you use Instagram in the same way and you are in a lot of trouble that you must be thinking. If my account gets hacked somewhere, but how can you save it? How to protect your account from being hacked Today I will tell you about it inside this article. (Instagram hacked?)

So now you do not have to worry because if you want to know, then read this article carefully and read till the last because inside this article I will tell how you can protect your Instagram account from being hacked. I will tell you to step by step in full detail so that you also understand and you can share it with your friends too. (Instagram hacked?)

How to prevent Instagram from being hacked?

Today I will tell you how you can save your Instagram account from being hacked, then you can also use this trick on Facebook. You can also use your Twitter. It can use anywhere on the platform.

Two-Step Verification.

You will find two-step verification everywhere. This is a two-step verification that can keep your account secure. Two-step verification means that if anyone knows your Instagram password. If he logs in, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number first. He cannot log in to your Instagram account unless you give OTP. So you should always enable two-step verification.

You should not always use the same word.

There are many people who keep the password of all their accounts the same, but this is a big mistake. Never keep the password of any of your social media accounts the same, because if a friend of one of your account’s passwords is known to a friend. Then he can access all your social media accounts. So in such a situation, you have to keep in mind that if you keep the passwords of all your accounts separately. It will be better if you always take care of this thing.

Do not use an autosave password.

Keeping your password saved can also cause your account to be hacked. So, whenever you use any social site app, do not use autosave password while logging in, because suppose. If any friend asked for your phone, then he can do something at that time, so when you log out after using your account.

You always use a strong password.

There are many people who keep their password names or date of the birth account number, mobile number, etc. But maybe you do not know that everything can be hacked. So, in such a situation you have to use a strong password which is at least 10, 12 words in which the capital letter is at least 1, 2 and the rest is a small number. And also be a special character. There is also some ex password or some number.

Do not click any link.

There will be lots of links on your Facebook Instagram. Messages will come that if you click on this link. You can hack your account left from such messages because when you click on that link, it will ask you to log in. When you enter the login ID and password to log in, your account’s login ID and password will be saved by them. Through phishing hacking and your account can be hacked easily.

So you should always avoid this thing so that you can save your account. You always keep this in mind, then I have told you step by step in the whole detail inside this article, then you must have understood.

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