Friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you that if you forget the password of any account, how can you reset it because there are so many people that they forget the password of the account, but they cannot reset it.

Because they don’t know. If you do not even know, then today’s article is just for you but inside today’s article, I will tell you to step by step in full detail so that you also understand and you can share it among your friends.

How To Recover The Password Of Any Account?

In today’s time, most of the Internet users use Google Chrome browser. So, I am first giving you tips to restore the password user name in the Chrome browser itself.

Google Chrome.

  • First, you open the Chrome browser and click on the menu on the right side and click on Settings.
  • Now scroll down and click on Advanced Settings at the bottom.
  • And click on Password & forums me manage password.
  • Now see the popup window will open. In it, save password will list all your account’s user name and password. Your user name and password will be there.
  • Click show to see the password.

Here you will get all the user names and passwords that you have stored. In this way, you can easily find out the password of any of your accounts if you forget it.

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