Viral9 is a company that promotes any company through the internet, viral9 company creates a company account for its publisher, through which viral9 company makes advertisement. Often you will have seen many types of ads on your Facebook, you will have seen many ads on social sites like Facebook and Twitter plus Google. (Earn Money From Your Facebook Page?)

So the viral Viral9 website is as popular as any other brand in the world. She gets her ads on the Internet like she is Amazon, Flipkart runs all the ads on the Internet.

How to make money with Viral9?

To earn money from Viral9, you must have your own Facebook page and you should have an FB page active only then you can earn money by going viral9. If you have an active Facebook, you can earn more than 5000 rupees from the rest of the month from viral. Many Facebook page owners can run millions every month with viral9.

If you also want to run millions, then quickly create and popularize your Facebook page and get more than 10 lakh likes of that page and then you monetize your page with viral9 and then you get at least ₹ 50000 every month. Can earn.

How does the Viral9 system work?

Viral9 is an agent between you and Advertisers. If a company has to make its product viral or promote on the internet, then it will come to viral9 and they will say that you promote us or product, we will give you $ 100 dollars instead, then viral9 takes the link of the ads from there and gives it to the Facebook page owner. Now, as much as they click on that link, the one who has a Facebook page will have an ad link on viral9 that you can get a different kind of CPC.

Depending on the country from which you click on the link of your page, you will earn, in viral9, the minimum payout makes you $ 40 dollars. And that too will go directly to your bank account and its payout happens on the 1st or 2nd of the month.

If you have more than 5 lakh likes on your Facebook page, then quickly go to the website and sign up with your Facebook account and wait for 12 hours, you will be approved with the account of viral9 and after the account has been approved. Go to the company, copy the link from there and share it on your Facebook page. Your earning will start.

Note: How to earn money from the Facebook page, from this step you can earn money from the Facebook page, I hope you or the article have liked you. If you like it, share it like Facebook Twitter, etc.



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