Friends, I am going to tell you inside today’s article. Mistaking 5 can cause your WordPress website to be hacked. if you want to know. What is that 5 mistakes, today’s article is only for you?

because inside today’s article, I will tell you to step by step in full detail so that you also understand and you can share it among your friends.

So I will tell you what mistake you make, if you rectify that mistake then your website will never be hacked.

Mistaking 5 can cause your WordPress website to be hacked.

Whenever someone comes in front of the topic of WordPress hacking, then there is a question in their mind that after all, why is the WordPress website, what is its reason and how are we avoiding them due to hacked WordPress site here today I am telling Never make such a mistake.

1. Ignoring WordPress Security.

Many WordPress users make a blog on WordPress. Butt does not pay any attention to his security. This is the largest region. This mistake is often made by the new blogger.

He does not know much about hacking nor WordPress so he does not consider this matter too big and only concentrates on blogging.

Blogging does not just mean writing and publishing articles, but in addition, you have to pay attention to blob, security protects blog spamming and phishing, SEO, promotion, etc. Many Matter. The security of all these blogs is the most important.

2. Selecting Bad Web Hosting.

Installing a WordPress blog is very easy. But it is very difficult for him to select a better web hosting because today the best top web hosting WordPress website is being hacked.

Some people choose very uselessly hosting in terms of Cheap Hosting, on which their data security is 0%. On the internet, you will find many such web hosting companies that offer free or very cheap plans.

Avoid such a web hosting company and when you have to do blogging then take it seriously and select any best web hosting so that your data can remain secure.

3. By using the Unknown theme.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and most people blog on it. There is no doubt that has millions of WordPress themes. But we don’t know about all of them.

Hacker takes advantage of this and designs his themes and shares them with offers with the WordPress user, or he lures people by sharing corrupt or cracked versions of paid and popular themes.

Is and he gets caught in greed. This can cause you a lot of trouble.

4. Sharing the details of your blog.

I have seen many bloggers blog hacked. Some of this was the reason for Blogger.

To share the login details of the blog with someone, many times users tell the blog details to someone to optimize the blog themes database, etc, or make any necessary settings in the blog.

This includes developers WordPress expert WordPress service providers fake etc. These people delete all your data by taking details of your blog or ask for money by making a backup of the data.

5. By using the old version.

This is also a big reason to have a WordPress website hacked. The WordPress version keeps on giving updates due to the WordPress version, non-updating, WordPress staff, time, two-time security, and other bugs.

Some people do not pay attention to it and use the old version only. It is easier to hack the WordPress website of the old version user than using the latest version. So whenever WordPress new update comes, update the software and always use only the latest version.

By mistake, I can hack the WordPress website, about which I have given you complete information, I hope so. You must have understood and you should rectify these 5 mistakes in yourself.

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