I’m gonna talk today guys. About an app that you probably will hear about. It has not been long since the release of Mitron App. Mitron app was released recently. Many people have downloaded and are using it as soon as it is released. Very soon it became popular. This app is similar to bean to bean TikTok. As soon as you upload your video on TikTok. Like a short video 10 seconds or 15 seconds, you can upload your short video on it as well. This is an Indian app.

So far 5M + people have downloaded this app. A lot of people put their videos on TikTok and they earn good Fam and also get likes, so similarly if you also upload videos on Tiktok and you do not get like comments then this is the best app for you. Download and use this app today. So if you want to use this app and want to download, then read this article carefully, I will tell you in full detail about this app inside this article, how you can use this app. How to download?

How To Downloads this App?

If you want to download this app, then you will be very easy to go to the play store and you can download by searching there or you can download it by clicking on the link given below.


How to use this App?

If you have downloaded this app, then open it! If you ask for something as soon as you open it, you will give it.

After giving permission, if you want to put your video, then you will sign in with Facebook or Google.

If you like any song and you like it, then you can make your video on it, and if people like your video then they will like and comment.

And with this you can get a chance of being popular, so you download this app today and use it because it is a very good app.

So I have told you about the Metron app in full detail, then you must have understood and downloaded it.

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