Friends, I am going to tell you inside today’s article that I will tell you about 10 useful apps of the Government of India because many people do not know. If you do not even know, then today article is just for you because inside today’s article I will tell you about the entire 10 apps. If you want to know, then read this article carefully and have read it to the last. Only then will you be able to understand.

Under the Digital India campaign, many schemes have been launched, many websites and apps have also been launched to facilitate people to get government work done.

10 Useful Mobile Apps Created By The Government Of India.

Some of this app is to improve the life of Indian citizens and some apps are to help our country.

1. BHIM App.

This app is designe to make India cashless. With the help of this app, we can do a money transfer. There is a better for online transactions. With this app, we can add your bank account and pay the company from anywhere at any time. NFCI is now run with the National Payments Corporation of India.

2. Swachhata App.

It is now up to your city to keep your village and surrounding area clean. Through this app, you can click picture and post which is sent to the civic municipality. This has genderized all urban local bodies. This lets you know exactly where to complain. You can also provide feedback if the complaint is not resolve.

3. Bharat ke veer.

With this app, you can help the families of martyred soldiers for the country. Bharat ke Veer app is also available with the website Bharat Ke Veer called In this app and website, you will get complete information about the photo of the martyrs. You can donate according to your needs.

4. UMANG App.

UMANG has a full form of Unified Mobile application for new-age governance. With this app, you can get more than 100 questions related to central Raj and city administration. From your mobile at home.

This app helps in easing the work related to all disputes working under your central state governments and municipal corporation. You can also withdraw money from your PF account through the UMANG app.

5. mAADHAAR App.


UIDAI mAADHAAR app is also available. Through this app, you can run your Aadhaar card on your mobile. The Mahar app user can share their EKYC information from any service provider and can block their biometric data if needed.

6. Mpaasport Seva app.

Through this app, smartphone users get all the information relate to all passports such as application status tracking password service center location, etc.

It has been developed by the Ministry of External Affairs. People who want to create their new passport can download it on their mobile. It is list in the largest project of the Government of India in the National e-Governance Plan.

7. civil App.

This app has been prepared by the Election Commission of India. This app has been prepared by the Indian Election Commission of India. With the help of this app, you can complain about any kind of election happening in the election.

However, this app has been design for the common man so that common citizens can also complain to the Election Commission about the violation of the code of conduct by any political party.

8. MyGov App.

It serves as a platform for Indian cit,izens to participate in government. In this, the user can give his state and comment. Launched by the Government of India, it provides an opportunity to disseminate ideas, comments, and constructive suggestions and disseminate to the central ministries and addressed government organizations.

9. GST Rate Finder App.

This app is use for entrepreneurs and businesses to know about the currently implemented GST rates. This app made by the Central Board of Excise and Custom. You can use it to take care of your courier setup and businesses.

10. Kavach app.

It is for common people who are worried about the security of their Android phones and their are looking for a good antivirus app. This is for phone security. The job of this app is to listen to the threats addressed on the phone. With the help of this government app, you can protect your phone from malware viruses and spam SMS and calls.

If I have given you complete information about the top 20 useful apps of the Government of India, I hope that. You must have understood.

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