The area of ​​the Merchant Navy is known as Adventure, members of the Merchant spend much of their time at sea. If you also like to live in the middle of the sea, then it is best for you to make a career in this field. you can complete your normal studies and make your career by doing courses related to this field. So today we talk about this.

What is the ‘Merchant Navy?

The task of moving material or objects from one place to another in the sea area has done by the Merchant member. for which the practice of the Merchant Navy is conducted in many universities, you can participate in it and join this area. There are many universities in India through which the Merchant Navy course is conduct, you can join it by participating in it.

Intermediate Examination

You should have 60% in the intermediate examination. Your subjects in Intermediate should be Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. To enter the Merchant Navy, you must be unmarried and must be between 17 and 25 years of age.


Many institutes offer courses to provide jobs in the Merchant Navy. Among them, Aquatic Institute for Marine Time Study based in Delhi and Institute of Marine Time Study located in Goa are the best. Indian Maritime University (Chennai), Hind Institute of Nautical Science and Engineering (Sikandararao, Uttar Pradesh), Indian Institute of Port Management (Kolkata), Tulani Maritime Institute (Pune), RL Institute of Nautical Sciences (Madurai) for the course of Merchant Navy, Cochin Port Trust (Cochin) is the institute where the training of the Merchant Navy is given, you can train from here Can participate in


You must have 50% in Graduation and your age should not be more than 28 years. And you have to be single.

Time, fees and salary of course.

The duration of the course in the Merchant is between 6 months to 3 years. It is determin according to your position. Its fees for one year in a government-run institution can be up to 1.5 lakh and in private colleges, its fees can be up to 3,00,000. After doing this course, in the beginning, the salary can be from 12,000 to 8 lakhs. If you work as a marine engineer, then your salary can be up to Rs 1.5 lakh a month.

  1. Job Profile.
  2. Deck officer.
  3. (Navigation officer).
  4. Electro-Technical Officer.
  5. (ETO) Engineer Ratings.
  6. Catering And Hospitality Crew.

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