Friends, amazon, which is an e-commerce company, has launched a program in India, from which you can earn Rs 120 to Rs 150 every hour by working with them. Talking about this program, this is not a new program, except India, Amazon company had put it in the developed countries as a test, but now Amazon Flex has arrived in India. And you too can earn money by working in it in your free time. So we talk about what to reduce and how to join.

What is Amazon flex?

amazon flex is a program by which any Indian citizen can join this program, and can earn 120 to 150 rupees by the hour by making their own daily schedule.

In , you can make money by Delivering Amazon products. In this program you can work according to your wish, if you want to work only for 5 hours, then you can earn money by working 5 hours. And in a way, you can also call this work as a delivery boy.

Amazon Flex has started with the 3 largest cities of the country i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. So if you live in these cities now, you can do this work. And by the end of the year, this program will be held all over India.


Amazon Flex Join must be at least 18 years or older.

And you should have a smartphone with at least 2GB RAM or more RAM.

Also, your phone should have an Activate SIM with GPS location and internet connection.

And you should have at least two Wheeler, along with its Document and Driving License.

And for this, you should also have a PAN card.

Also, you should have a bank account in your name in any bank, and Amazon will send your money to the account once in the week on Wednesday.

How to Join?

To join Amazon Flex Partner Program, you must first visit their official website. Which is https: / / and after going there, you have to fill your name, mobile number, E-Mailed, PIN code, city and what type of vehicle you are going to use, click on the button of GET The APP.

After that, an app of Amazon Flex will be downloaded on your mobile phone, after that you will have to put your PickUp Point. That is, from where you will pick up Amazon’s product.

After that, you have to fill up the complete details in the Amazon Flex app, how many hours you are free and where you will pickup the product. Then after delivering that product, you will get your money in your Amazon Flex account.

I gave you complete information about then if you read this article till the last, you will be able to understand.

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