Today I am going to talk. About Google Adsense What is Google Adsense and how does it work. There are many who do not know what Google Adsense is. If you are also from this and you do not know, then you have come to the right place. I will tell you inside this article today. What is Google AdSense and how does it work. I will give you full information about it. I will tell you to step by step in detail so that you too understand and you too can share it among your friends.

What Is Google Adsense?

Let me tell you. What is Google Adsense? AdSense is a Google product that displays automatic tax, image, and video ads on a publisher’s website or blog. Most bloggers depend on it. If your block AdSense is approved then you can add their ad on your blog. You can also earn money from this in two ways.

Clicks: This depends on how many clicks on your Ads.

Once your account is approved in AdSense, you can give the look to the ad according to your own and can also disassemble it. Where will it appear on your block? When visitors come to your block and see the ad and click on it, your earnings will increase.

Impressions: You get money according to how many times people see your ads every day.

And but yes if there is no visitor on your blog, then you will be of no use by applying Adsense.

How does AdSense work?

Just like someone puts ads on your side, they are called publishers and whose ads we see are advertisers. If you want to show your company ads on your side, then it is not possible that you can talk directly with that company. In such a situation how many companies will you talk with? So Google started a product called AdWords. Through this big company here, whoever wants to promote their product or company in the world, can register through it and add their ads.

All company or product keyboards are there. Keywords are those whose people search on Google. If a product has a keyboard on your website, then your website will show related ads of the same keyboard. When Google’s robots visit your block and detect a keyword on your website. So by matching him with an award, he shows him the same product that he has. If writing about the game in your block, then related advertise from the game will appear in your blog.

All these ads belong to the company that puts a related keyboard in their product at the Google Awards and whenever we use their keyboard in their post, we see their own ads.

So I have told you what is Google Adsense and how it works. I have given you complete information about this, so I hope. You must have understood.

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