Today, many types of content are written on the Internet. But very little content in Indian languages ​​exists on the Internet. And it was Google’s attempt to promote how Indian languages ​​can be promoted. Hence, Google Navlekha was already in operation for some time but it was not launched officially for Hindi language publishers. But now Google’s Navlekha Project can be used. Information in Hindi and local languages ​​is available offline in India. Many people write their content in newspapers but they are not able to publish it online. So today we talk about this.

What is Google Navlekha?

Google has created this project Navlekha to bring the content written in Hindi and regional language to the Internet. Under this project, such applications will be made available to Hindi and regional language publishers through which they will be able to publish it online. Due to this, content written in Hindi and regional language will be brought on the Internet.

This project will not be for everyone. This will be for those who publish their content in newspapers. For example, if a person writes articles in offline journals, then through Google Navlekha, he can also publish this article online. The company will first start this project for Hindi publication, later it will also be started for Indic Language.

How does Google Navlekha work?

This is a tool that converts all language articles into a pdf file using Artificial Intelligence. If you have a Pdf File, a file of Magazine / Newspaper, then you have to upload that Pdf File on Navlekha Website. After uploading it changes into an article through technology.

How to join Google Navlekha?

For this, first of all, you have its website Navlekha. with Google. com. Then you write your name in Name. And write the company name in Publication / Company Name. Then enter your Email Id in the Email Id.

  • Mobile Number – Enter your mobile number.
  • Office Address – Enter the address of your office.
  • Share Your Website Url – If you have a website, enter its URI.
  • Language Of The Publication – What is the language of your publication?

Share Your Publication’s Registration Number – In this, you give the RNI number of your publication. Then accept the Terms & Conditions. And finally, click on the Submit button.

How to use Google Navlekha?

To use this project, first, you have to join it. You can register for the Ismail Free Publication Website. For this, you have to sign up first. After this, Google’s team will review your application. Google’s team will contact you after review. And even if you run Registered Indian Publication, you can still sign up on their webpage. After signing up, you will also get information about when the regional language will be included in it.

Benefits of Google Navlekha?

This will greatly benefit those publishers who want to bring their content written in Hindi and Regional Language online. And under this project, Google will also provide free hosting to those publishers and Google will also give them a branded domain that will be free for 3 years. You do not have to pay any money to work on this project, it is absolutely free. Google will also give you money from Google Ads for this. Which will benefit you and your content will be published online.

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