Friends, I am going to tell you inside today’s article. What will be the benefit of using internet banking and what can be the harm to you and also I will tell what net banking is because there are many people who do not know.

If you do not even know, then today’s article is just for you because inside today’s article I will tell you to step by step in the whole detail so that you also understand and you can share it among your friends.

What Is Net Banking?

Internet banking is the use of the service provided by any bank from any location through computer mobile or any other instrument through the internet. For this, the bank offers its website mobile app and offers service to the customer.

How to use internet banking?

To use internet banking, you will have to contact your bank. He will tell you all about it in detail. For this, you have to fill a form in the bank branch. After that, the bank will tell you the user name and password, by which you have to login by visiting the bank’s site.

If you have an ATM card, you do not even need to go to the bank branch and fill the form. For this, you call the bank customer care and he will tell you everything about it in detail.

What Is The Benefit Of Using Internet Banking?

What can we do with internet banking, what can we benefit from it. Why should we use it? If you want to know the answer to many such questions, then here I am telling you some points about it, which will give you a lot of benefits.

  • Find out the information about your account balance.
  • Sending money from your account to another person’s account. With internet banking, we can instantly transfer money to any person’s account.
  • New FD or another account opening.
  • Checking the transaction statement of the account.
  • Electricity, water, dish TV, and other bills can be paid at home.
  • And you can also recharge someone’s mobile.
  • Downloading your account statement.
  • Shopping online.
  • Order a checkbook.
  • Demand for any banking service from the bank or write a complaint.
  • Check the information on your account and change it.
  • Viewing the details of your loan or other accounts. Make your tax and other payments online, fill the form for online DD demand draft.

What can be the harm due to using internet banking?

You must have known about the benefits of using Internet banking, but let me also tell you that if you are using banking, what harm can you do?

  • The passwords given to you for internet banking are very important for your account. Never tell anyone about it.
  • Do not write your passwords anywhere, try to remember the passwords as much as possible, because the password is written may be in the hands of a wrong person.
  • Always open Ks of internet banking by visiting your bank’s site and if possible, always use net banking in a private browser.
  • Do not reveal your password and personal information by asking on the phone of any person.
  • Do not tell anyone about the password OTP you get for one time by bank transaction. This can make you very upset.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using internet banking? I have given you complete information about it, I hope so. You must have understood.

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