What people take after10th?, many people are worried about it. You must think that after10th?, science, arts take this commerce, in which your time is passed. But After10th if you take the right, which subject is good for you,  So today I am going to tell you what can you do after10th Read this article carefully and read it to lakhs.

What to do after 10th?

Almost all states in India are taught the same subject in the entire country till the 10th and as soon as we pass the 10th, then after that, we have to choose one of the subjects, which is very important for our career. Is necessary. There are 4 subject topics to pass 10, out of which one has to choose. And then you can make a career in it.

1 .Science.

2 .Commerce.

3. Arts.

4. Diploma.

The topic you choose. You have to do them till 11th and 12th and on the basis of these subjects, after passing 12th, you study your college further.

So now we understand all these Subjects in Detail.


Science is a subject that is the first choice of most students, if you want to become a doctor or engineer later, you have to choose the science field. In science, the syllabus is a little more difficult than other subjects. And the whole syllabus of science is in English.

There are 3 types of groups in science.

There are 3 types of groups in science.
There are 3 types of groups in science.

1. Physics, Chemistry, Maths (PCM)

2. Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB)

3. General Group (PCMB): Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology

After 10th, if you want to go into medical fields like – MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, B. Pharmacy, D. Pharmacy, then in the Science field, you have to take Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) group.

And if you have to do engineering after 10V, then you have to select Physics, Chemistry, Maths (PCM) group, and friends can go to many other fields besides engineering with PCM group and both students with General Group (PCMB) fields. That is, we can go to the Medical Field and Engineering Field.


Commerce is a subject which is most taken after class 10, a student with commerce can go to Business, Finance, and Accounts.

The Commerce field is best for students who are interested in the accounting and finance field and if you want to become a CA then the commerce field is best for you. Going forward in the field of commerce, you can also complete graduation with professional courses like B. Com, M. Com, BBA, MBA, and for the examination of banking, commerce is the best subject.


If you want to make a career in the field of arts, then the arts field is very good for you. For those students who want to prepare for a government job i.e. competitive exams for a government job, the arts field is also the best and better.

Arts include subjects like English, History, and Geography. After passing the 12th of Arts, you can still do many courses like Fashion Designing, Hotel Management, and Event Management, as well as Mass Communication and Journalism.


If you want to go to any other field except Science, Commerce and Arts subjects then you can also do the Diploma Course or Professional Course after 10th. for example.

  1. Polytechnic Course.
  2. ITI course.
  3. So now let’s understand a little about them as well.


For those who want to do student engineering, Polytechnic diploma course is there. Polytechnic has the same field like engineering. You can take admission in Polytechnic after passing 10th and Polytechnic is a 3-year diploma.

In Polytechnic, you can choose the field of your choice, eg. . . Mechanical and Computer, Electronics. After doing polytechnic, you get admission in engineering indirect 2nd year.


If you want to study quickly in a short time, then by doing ITI you get a job after 10th. ITI has different trades and courses and it has 1 year and 2-year courses. You can select the trade you are interested in, by doing ITI, there are more chances of government job also.

So today’s article ends on this and now you must have understood that you should take which subject after 10th according to your interest.

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