Friends, inside today’s article, I am going to tell you how you can find out if you use Facebook, and if someone blocks you on Facebook.

If you do not know about this, then today’s article is just for you because inside your article I will tell you who has blocked you on your Facebook.

If you want to know, then read this article carefully and read it to the last because I will tell you with a very easy method and you can very easily find out who has blocked you on Facebook?

How to find out who has blocked you on Facebook?

If you feel that one of your friends is missing from your list then it may happen. You must be the one who blocks you, but you must know this thing first.

Somewhere his account has been closed or he has deleted your account. If you feel that you have no friend missing and you want to know.

Who is going to block you from all of these, then you can easily find out all through this app WHO DELETED ME.

You can find out who blocked you on Facebook using the Who Deleted Me app. For this, you will have to download this app. Now follow the steps mentioned below and find out very easily.

  • First, you download the WHO DELETED ME app.
  • After downloading, open this app now.
  • If you have opened it, then login to this app on Facebook. After login, an option will come with login with Facebook.
  • Now you have to click on Login with Facebook option.
  • After clicking there, you have to login by selecting the user name and password of your Facebook account.

After just log in, you can find the friend who blocked you on Facebook, then in this way, you can find out very easily who has blocked you on Facebook.

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