Friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you that if you use a mobile and want it. Save any personal details on your mobile. Today I will tell you 5 tips with the help of which you can keep any personal details safe on your mobile.

Nobody will know that. Because today it is such that your friend will also take your phone and somewhere he can see your personal details.

So it is very important to keep him safe, so let me tell you how you can keep personal details safe. If you want to know, then read this article carefully and you have read it till the last, only then you will be able to understand.

5 best tips to keep personal details safe on mobile.

Here I am telling you tips to keep important data safe for mobile security, using which you can save your personal details data safe on your mobile.

1. Create a strong password.

It is very important to enter better and more super passwords on mobile. Otherwise, any user can find the data ag of your mobile. Mostly mobile users use simple passwords like 1234 and 0000 which is very wrong.

The fingerprint lock option is coming in the new latest smartphone. If you have this feature on your mobile phone then you can use it. With this, your mobile can only be unlocked with your fingerprint.

And if your mobile does not have a fingerprint feature, then you can generate a strong password and create a long password as much as possible so that no hacker can easily detect your mobile password.

2. Do not use the same password.

If you have an Android phone, then obviously you must be using the Internet. To use many websites on the Internet, one has to sign up and sign in to create an ID on them. When you sign in, one of the options of Save Password and Never shows. The password gets saved as soon as you click on your save password.

Most mobile users use the same password on all sites to remember and your passwords can make the site public. Also, with the mobile browser, someone else can find your password and steal your important data from your social media and another account.

So never save a password and use the extra password on the jeans site that you are going to use at that time so that no one can tamper with your personal details.

3. Put face lock on your mobile.

You must have heard about the Face Lock feature. With this feature, you can lock the screen on the mobile with your face. After this, only your face can unlock the mobile. If this option is already available in your smartphone, then you can use it, this is the best way for you and along with a strong password which one cannot break or unlock.

4. Download any app from the play store itself.

Many mobile users download the application from a third party due to not logging in on the Google Play Store or because of no app found on the Google Play Store.

Installs This is absolutely wrong and doing so can be a problem for your mobile and personal details.

I would like to tell you that downloading apps from third-party browsers can cause virus malware attacks on your mobile and all your personal details can be stolen. Not only this, a high-level virus attack can also cause your mobile dead.

5. Block And Disable Bloatware app.

Today there are more than a million Android applications available in the market, but not all of them are better. Many of these apps can give a problem but can steal your mobile data. Exam Android Game GK App etc. In this, you will find such apps whose hackers develop.

The mobile user does not care about this and downloads any app and installs it on the mobile. If you want to keep your personal details secure in mobile, then never install the Unknown app on mobile.

So this was the 5 tips with which you can protect your personal details, about which I have given you complete information, so I hope. You must have understood.

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