Friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you how you can bring YouTube videos to Google’s search top because there are so many people who are unable to bring that video to the search top because they do not know. (youtube videos Google search)

Within today’s article, I will tell you 5 tips with the help of which you can bring YouTube videos to Google’s search top very easily.

If you want to know, what are those 5 tips, then read today’s article carefully and if you read till the last, you will be able to understand.

These 5 ways to bring YouTube videos to the top of Google search.

So let me tell you that with the help of 5 tips, you can bring YouTube videos to Google’s search top.

1. Use the keyboard in the title of the video.

Video title means the name of the video that lets users know what is in your video, make your video title as user friendly as possible and use keywords in the video title.

2. Video Description.

We can write a description of only 160 words in a blog post. But on YouTube, we can write words in as many video descriptions as we want. When a user searches the ad keyword in your video description, then your video search can appear. Therefore, you should also write in the description.

3. Create a good video thumbnail.

It is important to have a good thumbnail for your video. This will make the user like watching your video. This will also bring more views to your video.

The thumbnail acts as a cover phone in the video. The way the mobile is covered, it looks more fun. Likewise, it is very important to place video thumbnails, and users like it very much.

4. Use subtitles.

You must have seen the video on YouTube and also seen the option of CC before the setting icon in the video. CC ie Closed Option or Video Song Title In this you can add an English keyword with a video keyboard. Whatever you speak in the video, you can show it in the text version.

5. Set YouTube settings.

You can set all settings on YouTube simultaneously. Therefore, in order to make the video SEO friendly, make the channel SEO friendly as it is necessary to complete the setting of your channel to be on top in the search engine.

Also, share your videos on social media. For this, when you upload the video, Google + and a Twitter share button is given. Can use it.

So this was 5 tips with which you can bring YouTube videos to the top of Google search, about which I have given you complete information.

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