Friends, you must have heard about Google Adsense, but you will not know how Google does Paytm in Adsense India. You will not know about it. If you do not know, then today’s article is only for you because I will tell you inside today’s article. How does Paytm in Google Adsense India?

I will give you complete information about it. I will tell you to step by step throughout the detail so that you also understand and you can share it among your friends.

How does Paytm in Adsense India?

Google AdSense does Paytm in different ways according to different countries. EFT transfer, check and Western Union also throw Paytm for quick cash. If we talk about India, EFT transfer (electronic fund transfer) in India is the best and easy. In this, AdSense dollars are converted into these Indian rupees and direct transfer to your bank account.

How to EFT Enable in Adsense Paytm?

You know, even before us, there are many people in India who use Adsense and get EFT Throw Paytm. Once you have verified the address in AdSense, you can do EFT Paytm settings.

  • So for this, first you go to the home page of AdSense and click on Settings gear Paytm.
  • Now click on Paytm Settings.
  • Click on Add a New Paytm method.
  • Today, but your bank account name should be the same as your AdSense name.
  • And after that, you write the name of the bank.
  • SWIFT-BIC means Bank (Identity Certificate Code) for International Banking. For this, contact your bank branch or customer care.
  • Enter your bank account number.
  • Finally, click on save. Once the setting is successful, you can directly transfer money to your bank. Remember that Paytm does only after AdSense is $100.

The most important thing about AdSense.

  • Create Adsense with the same name as your bank account.
  • Use the right details when creating an AdSense account.
  • On the address you fill in AdSense, AdSense will send a post, which will have a pin code of 6 number address verification.
  • Keep updating the AdSense privacy policy.
  • And you can’t get Paytm without verifying the address.
  • You can get Paytm just once in the month.

So this is how Paytm does in Google Adsense India. I have given you complete information about this, so I hope. You must have understood.

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