Twitter is a social networking site. On which thousands of people tweet every day. You would hardly know that even tweeting gets the money. Today many people use Twitter. Everyone uses it for different things. Celebrities use it for their films or to stay connected with fans. And it is also a networking online site like Facebook. In this, no more than 140 posts can be done at a time. Every person can use it. Big businessmen also promote their products on Twitter. Now you can earn money with the help of this site also. So I will tell you about this today, how can you earn money from Twitter?

How to earn money from Twitter?

If you want to earn money from Twitter then you should be on good followers.

1. Brand Promotion.

2. Link Shortening from Twitter.

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. App Install

You can earn money through these things. So now we talk about all these methods in detail.

1. Brand Promotion.

  • And if you have good followers on Twitter, then this company can give you money. In the Twitter description, you can enter Option or Email to contact. You can also ask the company to contact you.
  • If you have a website or a YouTube channel where you publish your content (videos and articles), you can contact the company through Twitter.

2. Link Shortening.

  • Many websites make money from advertising. You can make money from advertising through Twitter without a website or container. For this, you have to create your account link on the shortening service. In this, you will get many links but you will create only one account so that your money is received in one account.
  • After creating an account on these, you find a link that is Interesting such as any news, funny videos, jokes or links to download something. You should find a link that people are interested in reading.
  • Shorten your link with your selected Link Shortening Service, then send the shortened link to your group and contact.
  • Now whoever opens such a link, before going to the original page, they will see an Ad from which you will get money. And the more people will see it, the more money they will get. You can send your gender to any place other than Twitter and where more and more people can see.

3. Affiliate Marketing.

  • Affiliate means creating affiliates on any website and selling your product or service. One Fixed Commission is available on every sale. On the Internet, you will find many websites where you will get the option to create an affiliate.
  • You can register a unique link by registering on these websites. If someone clicks on your link and wants to buy goods through your link then you get a fixed commission. The more people you share the link with, the more chances you will have in your cell.
  • Send a single link to a product that people would be interested in buying. You get a commission of 5% to 10% on Kitchen Items and Fashion Items. And Electronic Items get 1% to 4% commission.

4. App Install.

You can also earn money by installing the app easily. There are many companies that take money to install the app of a big company. On this company’s websites, you have to register and send your unique link to Twitter and install the apps. You will get money on each install. You can earn from RS 5 to Rs 20 on every install.

Note: I have given you complete information about how to earn money from twitter, hope so. If you like the article, like it, then share the hope like a Facebook Twitter, etc.




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