Friends, I am going to talk inside today’s article whether an online shopping site is real or how to find fake because there are many people who do not know and they start shopping. This can cause a lot of damage to you.

If you want to know and you don’t know, then today’s article is just for you. Because inside today’s article, I will tell you to step by step in the whole detail so that you also understand and you can share it among your friends.

If you want to never become a victim of a fake online shopping site in the feature, then you should know about the real and fake online shopping site in detail so that you can identify the genuine and fake site if needed.

Fake Online Shopping Website Or How To Find Ariel?

If you are seeing a product on a website that you have never heard of before, do not shop immediately from such site, rather first know about that site realistically whether the site is genuine or fake cheating with you. I Will not do. Then buy something from him.

On the Internet itself, you will find many such sites that give you information about the site of original and fraud. You can also find out about shopping sites on these sites.

One such site is which tells you when the company has been doing business and its online service is real or fake and you will not be cheated if you shop online from this site.

Apart from this, you can get all the information about any e-commerce, website, or company by visiting You go to the site and click on the host who is looking under more tools option on the left side.

Here you can find out how old the site is and the complete information of the site. Let me tell you that the website that is fake, claims to be an old site.

Apart from this, how old are you on the site, the full information of the domain of any website, and how much year has it been registered for?

Who has registered him, you can know his phone number, email address, address details, location, ETC everything?

If you want to know the genuineness of a company, then you go to its website and scroll down to the side. There is copyright written on the side photo and there are necessary links like that contact us, faq, privacy policy added. If this link is not linked under any site, then there can be a fake website, and do not forget to shop online from such a site.

You should always shop from the same site which has HTTPS before the URL. A site of this type is reliable and secure. Never shop from a website that opens without HTTPS.

Can you find out about the right site from the login icon of the URL? There is a lock mark before the URL of the original site. Take care. Many sites fool people by using Url similar to the original site, which should check the links of the sites well before any activity.

The biggest thing is that e-commerce provides bank payment services on the website. Many times many sites fool you by taking details of your bank account, so wherever you do Paytm online, check whether it is a bank service or some other site.

The online shopping site is real or how to know fake. I have given you complete information about it, so I hope you have understood it.

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