Galaxy S24 in China Ditches Google AI for Baidu's Ernie

In China, the new Samsung Galaxy S24 phones won’t be using Google’s AI features like call translation and text summarization. Instead, they’ll work with a Chinese company called Baidu’s Ernie AI. This is because Google doesn’t operate much in China. But don’t worry, Ernie AI can do the same cool things like Google, thanks to some shared technology. 

Even the fun “Circle to Search” feature, where you draw around things in pictures to search for them online, will be there, but in a Chinese version. So, while the names might change, the cool AI features you expect from Samsung are still coming to China, just with a local twist.

Samsung Galaxy S24 in ChinaAI IntegrationAI PartnerFeatures
Galaxy S24 PhonesBaidu’s Ernie AIBaidu (Chinese company)Call translation, text summarization, “Circle to Search” with a local twist
Samsung Note Assistant in ChinaAI IntegrationAI PartnerUpgrades
Samsung Note AssistantBaidu’s Ernie AIBaidu (Chinese company)Language translation, summarization, enhanced capabilities with Ernie 4.0

The newest Samsung Note Assistant in China is getting a big upgrade! It’s now using something called “Ernie” from Baidu, which can translate languages and even summarize long things into easier-to-understand formats. Samsung didn’t say why they switched from Google, but China has some rules about Google’s stuff, so using a local option like Ernie makes sense.

Ernie is like a super smart chatbot that can understand what you say and respond in a natural way. They just released the newest version, Ernie 4.0, and they say it’s the best one yet, even as good as something called GPT-4. Remember all those fancy language tools like Bard and Gemini? Well, they kind of sparked a competition, and Chinese companies like Baidu and Alibaba wanted to make their own, so they built Ernie and Tongyi Qianwen. Now, the Samsung Note Assistant in China can use Ernie’s smarts to make things easier for you.

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