Set full-size photo using Whatscropping
Set full-size photo using Whatscropping

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Chatting with Friends on WhatsApp is really very interesting and fun. You must be setting your profile picture on WhatsApp. When you set your profile picture on WhatsApp then it crops your full-size picture.

You must want to set your full-size photo on your WhatsApp profile picture without cropping any part of your photo. You cannot set your Display Picture (DP) without cropping because WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to set. But you can set your full-size profile photo on WhatsApp without cropping using the Whatscropping app.

Whatscropping – Set the DP without crop

WhatsCropping is one of the best apps that allows you to set your profile photo without cropping. You can set you full-size DP on your WhatsApp profile picture. You will never lose your important part of your photo when you set your profile picture on WhatsApp

How to use the Whatscropping – Set the full-size DP without crop app?

Before using this you have to download the Whatscropping – Set the full-size DP without crop app to set your photo on WhatsApp profile without cropping. You can download this app by tapping on the download link which is given below. Tap on the download link to download and install the app on your phone. You have to open and choose your photo from Gallery or take the picture.

Tap on the Gallery option to choose your picture and grant the media file permission to this app. Tap on the share icon to save the photo on the Profile picture. You can rotate your image if needed. Tap on the WhatsApp icon after tapping on the share icon. Tap on the done option and your full-size profile picture on WhatsApp. If you can adjust your picture then you can adjust the picture to set perfectly on the WhatsApp profile using the Whatscropping app.

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