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WhatsApp messages will be full of fun with new emojis pack and features

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be chatting with your friends. Chatting with friends is really very interesting and fun on WhatsApp. WhatsApp always rollout the new-new features to enhance the user experience.

Also, WhatsApp improves the messaging experience by making some changes in the app. WhatsApp has roll out so many new amazing emoji in it. Also, WhatsApp has rolled out many new features. These emojis and features are totally full of fun and change your WhatsApp using experience.

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Here are the full details about the WhatsApp new features.

WhatsApp has rollout the new emoji packs for everyone after testing on the beta version. Also WhatsApp rollout the Advance search option to the users. This advance search option allows you to search for any Photos, videos, audio, documents, gifs, and links. You can easily find your media file with the advance search option.

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This new emojis pack has lots of amazing emoji. People doing Yoga, New clothing, autos, prosthetic hands, people sitting in Wheelchairs, LGBTQ couple, and some sign language symbols included in this emojis pack. This emojis pack and the advance search feature is available for all the users. If you didn’t get this emoji and advance search feature then update your WhatsApp. You will get the feature and emojis pack once you update your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is testing the so many features and will release soon in it. These features are included the vacation mode, multi device supports, expiring messages, customized wallpaper feature, etc. Recently WhatsApp has roll out the Always mute feature on it. This always mute feature allows you to mute any individual and group chat forever.

The one-year mute feature has replaced with the always mute features. Now you can mute any individual and group chat for 8 hours, 1 week and Always. If you mute Always then you won’t receive the notification of that chat unless you unmute that chat.

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