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Record the WhatsApp calls on your Android phone and iOS

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instants messaging apps. You chatting with your friends and others. Also, you must be audio or video calling to your friends on WhatsApp. sometimes you must want to record your important call on WhatsApp as normal phone calls.

A normal phone call allows you to record the call and you must be recording your important call. Same as normal calls you also want to do the same with your WhatsApp calls. But WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to record the calls on WhatsApp. Even you must want to record your important calls then you can record your calls easily on WhatsApp.

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Here are the full details about WhatsApp calls recording calls

WhatsApp doesn’t have any feature to record. You have to use the app to record the WhatsApp calls on your phone. Follow these steps to record your WhatsApp calls on your phone.


You have to download the Cube Call Recorder on your phone. The app download link is available below you have to tap on the download button to download the app. Open the app and tap on the Next button then tap on the agreed option. After this grant the media file permission to this app. Tap the mic icon bottom of the screen to start the call recording.

After this, open your WhatsApp and calls with your friends who call you want to record. It will record your WhatsApp. It will also start automatically call recording when an incoming call on your WhatsApp. If you face any problem then restart the app and it will work properly.



You have to connect your iPhone with Mac. To connect your iPhone with Mac you have to use the Lightning cable. Open Quick Time if you connect your iPhone first time. You will get the new audio recording in the file section. You will see an arrow point at the bottom of the record button. Click on the record button and select the iPhone. If you don’t use it the first time then tap on the Trust this computer on your phone.

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