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WhatsApp will allow users to make voice and video call on Web

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be chatting and calling with your friends and others. WhatsApp allows you to make voice and video calls on your phone but not on the Web. Also, you must be using WhatsApp on your computer and laptop with Web features.

Web WhatsApp allows you to use your WhatsApp as you use on your phone. But you cannot make the voice and videos call on Web WhatsApp. But WhatsApp is working on voice and video calling feature on the Web.

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Here are the full details about the WhatsApp Web Voice and video call feature

According to the WABetaInfo the features tracker of WhatsApp, WhatsApp is working to roll out the making voice and video call on Web WhatsApp. Users can make the voice and video on the Web after rolling out this feature. Voice and video calling on Web features are currently under development in the beta stage.

The WhatsApp Web calls will be available on the next update of Android. In the next few weeks, users are able to use this feature on their WhatsApp Web. The voice and video call feature implement you can see when you receive the call on WhatsApp after updating this feature.

You can decide what you want to do with the call once the window opened after receiving the call on your WhatsApp. The WABetaInfo also shared the screenshot where you can see how it will look and work. If you want to call anyone with the Web WhatsApp then the little different window you will see as you see on receiving calls.

The calling window will be small with the calling status. Also, you can make voice and video calls on your WhatsApp group after rolling out of the WhatsApp Web calling feature. The WhatsApp new group call feature also doubles as a professional video conferencing platform for small groups. You can connect it easily.

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