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Google removes 3 Kid’s popular apps from Play Store

Google removes the three most popular kid’s apps from the Play Store. These apps are popular among Kids. These apps are caught to violate the Google Privacy policy of Google Play Store.

After catching these apps to violate the policy, Google removes these three kid’s apps. After receiving the concerns from the International Digital Accountability Council (IDCA) the Android Maker or developer removes these apps.

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Here are the full details about the Kid’s apps removes from the play store.

These three apps are Princess Salon, Number Coloring, and Cats & Cosplay. The IDCA found these apps are collecting the data of the users and violation of the Play Store policies. The data was leaking to SDKs of third parties after collecting through the app.

The IDAC president Quentin Palfrey told TechCrunch “The practices we observed in our research raised serious concerns about data practices within these apps. The website also got a response from Google, “We can confirm that the apps referenced in the report were removed”. We take the action whenever we find an app that violates our policies.

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These apps claimed to gamify learning and most used by the kids. It is not clear what types of data these three apps are collecting.

Recently Google removed the 34 apps from the Google Play Store that are infected by harmful malware. Harmful malware is Joker. It has been giving smartphone users nightmares. The Zscaler, a cybersecurity firm based in California has revealed the list of malware-infected apps.

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The main function of these types of app is to emulate click and prevent SMS for users. And to subscribe to the unsolicited the paid premium service without learning about it. The users who affected may not know about they sign in for paid premium service and their money is starting detecting from their account.

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