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Track and get Online/offline notification of any contact of WhatsApp using WA Toolkit

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be chatting with your friends and other contacts. Chatting with friends on WhatsApp is really very interesting and fun. Sometimes you must want to track your favorites contact that When they come online and go offline. Also, how much time they spend on WhatsApp.

You can easily track your WhatsApp contact. You will get a notification when your favorite contacts come online on WhatsApp. Also, you will get a notification when they go offline.

WA ToolKit – Online/Offline Notifications DP Sync.

WA Toolkit is one of the best apps that allows you to track anyone on WhatsApp. You will get the notification when your friends come online and go offline. Also, you can see How much time they spend on WhatsApp.

How to use the WA Toolkit – Online/Offline Notifications, DP Sync app?

Before using this app you have to download the WA Toolkit – Online/Offline Notifications, Dp Sync app to get a notification of WhatsApp on your phone. You can download this app by tapping on the download link which is given below. Tap on the download link to download and install the app on your phone.

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You have to open the app tap on the Next button then tap on the Yes, I Agree to button. Grant the media permission to this app. You have to tap on the enable notification to enable the notification feature to get online/offline notification whom WhatsApp number you track.

You have to select the number from your contact list or enter the number whom number you want to track to get the online/offline notification of WhatsApp. When the contact person comes online on WhatsApp then you will get the notification.

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If you want to watch the online and offline history of that contact then open the app and tap on the scroll up the screen. You will see the full history of that contact when did they come online and goes offline on WhatsApp. You can also download the WhatsApp DP or profile picture of your friends. To download the WhatsApp DP you have to Sync the WhatsApp.


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